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About the company
AOSL is a full service indigenously owned and operated oil and gas services firm. AOSL was founded in 1999 with registration No. RC 365106 and incorporated with 1Million authorized and fully paid up share capital. The company was founded to provide a full range of professional services to energy, oil and gas sectors. AOSL offers years of combined high level project management and technical expertise needed to fully serve its well-valued clients. Due to expansion in various business areas of AOSL, the company has applied to the corporate affairs commission (CAC) for increment in its share capital to 50m ordinary shares; the certificate is still yet to be received by AOSL and this increase will improve the company's operating capital.  
AOSL (Athantic Oil Services Ltd) is a full indigenous Oil Field Service which is engaged in Engineering Design, Offshore construction and maintenance services, Pipeline and Pigging Services, Procurement and Consultancy Services. We provide a full range of services to Energy, Oil and Gas Industries. AOSL central areas of operation include but not limited to:

Marine Services, life rafts, barges, etc.

• Offshore Construction Technology
• Pipeline Inspection Gauge (Pigging) Services
• Pipeline repair and construction Services
• Procure, supply, Installation & maintenance of Valves, Wellhead & Xmas Tree equipments
• Procure, Assembly, Supply, Installation & maintenance of all types pumps for offshore applications
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